Flynt is looking for players at Hustler Casino

There are many reasons why Larry Flynt’s Hustler Casino in Gardena, California, is my favorite local casino, where I enjoy playing $ 4- $ 8 limit hold’em with ½ Kill.

For one thing, it was the casino credit that posted its “Patron Code of Conduct” in clear, easy-to-understand, bold type writing. These are prominently displayed and posted in a simple view for all to see.

Needless to say, I was impressed. What particularly caught my attention was how well the Code of Conduct focuses on the best interests of our players. I pointed this out to the poker room shift manager, and asked for his response: “Yes,” he said, “Hustler Casino visit lapak303 takes responsibility for providing what he considers a Code of Conduct that is meant to be in the best interests of our customers. We appreciate their support. ”

These are the rules that apply to those who enter the casino to be accepted there. Indeed, I have seen security staff escort people at the door on more than one occasion. In all likelihood, other brick-and-mortar casinos have the same Code of Conduct. I hope they feature it too.

Any activity deemed collusive, dishonest or otherwise fraudulent will not be tolerated. My comments: At a different casino a few years ago, my poker mentor George “The Engineer” Epstein sensed what appeared to be collusion by two players at his desk; and dealers seem to be involved. George rose from the table, looked and spoke to the floorman. She told him what he had observed and why he thought it was collusion. Without hesitation and without questioning George any further, the floorman denied his accusations, and walked away. (PS George is no longer playing poker at that casino.)

Not hanging around. I asked one of the staff the reasons for this rule. He explained: Casinos want their players to feel comfortable and safe. Loitering can raise suspicion. Hoodies are not allowed in the casino. Hoodies serve to hide personal identities, sometimes making others feel less secure (even though they are unusual in poker tournaments shown on TV).

Smoking is prohibited in the casino and within 20 feet of any entrance. Likewise, smoking e-cigarettes is not allowed in casinos. Players and staff should not be exposed to the harmful effects of secondhand smoke.