Bulan: November 2020

Poker Tournament Organizers Quiet Since The Instruction In The Fall Series

The WSOP is a division of Caesars Entertainment, which recently struck a $ 17.3 billion deal with Eldorado Resorts which resulted in the merger of the two largest companies on the market. The newly merged company owns more than 50 properties in 16 states and several international properties. The merger received approval from New Jersey […]

Flynt is looking for players at Hustler Casino


There are many reasons why Larry Flynt’s Hustler Casino in Gardena, California, is my favorite local casino, where I enjoy playing $ 4- $ 8 limit hold’em with ½ Kill. For one thing, it was the casino credit that posted its “Patron Code of Conduct” in clear, easy-to-understand, bold type writing. These are prominently displayed […]

Study Conducted By Researchers At The University of Massachusetts Gambling

“It appears that the population has been exposed as far as casino gambling is concerned,” said Rachel Volberg, the study’s lead investigator. “Massachusetts residents are far from naive when it comes to casino gambling. States around Massachusetts, including Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York, had been doing casino gambling for decades before the introduction of […]