Come up with the best game for watering nuts

It’s always interesting to catch the nut – an unbeatable hand. What’s the best way to play such a hand? Remember, as we have many times in the past, when playing poker, your goal is not just to win as many hands as possible, but more to get chips – the more the more the merrier.

I play within the $ 4- $ 8 limit game located at the Hustler Casino in Gardena, California. By “agile,” I mean there are some aggressive players who tend to bluff on the many occasions we visit dewapoker.

In the middle position, I see Kh – Jh as my greeting. That’s a good start. With a Hold’em Algorithm score of 27 points, it easily meets the criteria of starting a 24-point hand in mid-position. My card has great potential! Three opponents and I failed to see the flop: Qh – 9h – 2d.

That flop left me with a good chance of catching very high hands, especially the King-flush, the second nut. With two cards up and coming – turn and river, I have nine to get the big flush. Using the 4-2 Rule (9 x 4 = 36), I can expect to catch the flush more than a third of the time. Estimating the number of chips in the pot, the pot odds are much higher than 3 to 1.There are also three out to catch another King for the big pair. With three opponents in hand, I knew I definitely had huge Positive Expectations.

On the board, I was thrilled when the dealer placed an Ace of hearts on – the best card I could hope for – gave me a flush of nuts. Wow! I believe I have the best hands. Now, my goal is to try to build the biggest pot possible.

After Ace fell on the group, Big Blind (BB) was out betting. I thought she was for the Aces mate. If I lift, it is likely that the Cut-Offs will fold, thus limiting the size of the ultimate pot; and there might be a bet, maybe a raise, on the river, building a bigger pot. So, I just called the BB’s $ 8 bet, as is the Cut-Off.